Promoting healthy & productive forests

The Hawai`i Forest Institute was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 2003 by the Hawai`i Forest Industry Association.

The mission of the Hawai`i Forest Institute is to promote the health and productivity of Hawaii’s forests through forest restoration, educational programs, information dissemination, and support for scientific research.

Exploring and Connecting

We invite all ages to discover the many aspects of Hawaii’s forests and the valuable ecosystem services they provide.  Join us as we explore HFI’s projects and connect you to the many fascinating efforts taking place to ensure the health and productivity of forests in Hawai`i.

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Hawaii’s Forests

explore3Explore the diversity of Hawaii’s Forests and learn more about their history, the cultural and environmental services they provide–and the challenges they face.

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Our Projects

explore2From tropical Dryland Forest restoration to publication of the Hawai`i Forest Journal, HFI works with partners and sponsors to promote the health and productivity of forests in Hawai`i through a number of ongoing projects. Explore and see how you can become involved.

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Explore the Islands

exploreWant to know more about Hawaii’s forests? Explore the Hawai`i islands through a bird’s eye view of the forests of Hawai`i and connect to the people and projects that are making a difference.

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About Us

explore4The Hawai`i Forest Institute was created by a diverse group of volunteers who work together to promote awareness of the intrinsic value of Hawaii’s forests to the Hawaiian and global community.

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